Our Services

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Ensure your job site and workplace are safe and productive by screening your employees for unsafe substance consumption. Testing is available in either a clinical setting or on-site for quick, convenient bookings. Urine and oral test panels are available to fit your company policy and site access requirements.

Fit-to-work testing

A specific regiment of tasks and movements that are consistent with tasks and movements that would be done everyday within the job and scope of the company. We have the ability to tailor a program to each company’s specific needs and provide audits to ensure the accuracy of the test as technology and processes evolve. Tests are completed after a comprehensive medical history review, and vital signs are monitored throughout./p>

Physical demands assessments

Completed through onsite observation and interviews to develop and document the specific physical demands of a positions. The Physical Demands Assessment forms the back bone of developing accurate job descriptions, designation of safety sensitive classifications, and return to work programs.

Audiometric testing

Legislation states that workers that are constantly in work areas over 85 decibels need to be tested yearly and results monitored. Commodore Solutions can provided onsite and clinical audiometric testing that meets and exceeds industry requirements.